Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arsenal Vs Olympiacos Piraeus live UEFA Champions League

Olympiacos Piraeus


Match scheduled:
Last updated:
09-12-2009 from 20:45 until 22:45
08-12-2009 on 09:33
Group H - Matchday #6 :: Uefa Champions League 2009/2010 :: Match also on ITV1, Euro Futbol, NET Hellas, STV, TV6 LU, UlsterTV and others

Group H, in which Arsenal is sure of the next round with a nice 13 point lead, followed by Olympiacos with 7, Standard with 4 and AZ with 3. Olympiacos needs a win, the same applies for Standard if they want to read the next CL round. Otherwise the Europa League spot might await Standard or they end up with nothing...